Thank you for another brilliant session. All three of the presenters at the retreat have been such high quality.  I had high expectations but they have gone beyond those expectations.  Thank you so much for all your hard work putting the weekend together.

Alison T

Emma – thank you so much for arranging such an inspiring series of talks for the Online Writing Weekend.  They were all of such a high level and unlike a lot of courses, had a very commercial focus which is important to remind of why we are doing this!

Sarah W

Thank you so much for organising “A Literary Marriage” with Jane and Claire this evening. It was fantastic – informative, inspiring and enjoyable. 

Matt J

I’m really enjoying these and a great way to stay ‘connected’ with a writing community so thank you so much for keeping them coming! 

Mairi W

Just wanted to say a huge thank you to Emma and Sara and all the lovely editors and speakers for a fantastic weekend, and to all my lovely retreat-mates. Of course it was such a shame not to be able to meet in person, but such is life these days. 

Laura S

Emma Darwin was brilliant – she explains things so well. I now have a much clear picture of what Psychic Distance is and how it can be used.

Alice M

Today was such an inspirational experience. Thank you so much. You run such friendly and helpful sessions.

Alice M

Thank you so much for letting me attend the writing weekend and for helping to make it accessible. I hate feeling like the annoying disabled woman but you have all been super friendly!

Carrie W

I am still riding high after the Blue Pencil writing weekend and must thank you again for a massively inspirational experience.

Alice M

Thanks Emma – the event with agent Jane Finigan and author Claire Fuller was fabulous and has filled me with enthusiasm. I loved my seat between you and Jane. I just hope I can polish my submission to meet your standards.

Jane W