Editor: Tess O’Bamber

Tess has been responsive, encouraging and insightful. I’ve gone from feeling worried and knowing nothing to having my mind put at ease with invaluable feedback that I know will help make my book a better read. I couldn’t recommend her services enough.

Elle Chippendale

Editor: Oliver James

Oliver cut through to things that will clearly make a significant difference. There’s technique, there’s choices around plot and characters, and he’s helped me look at the potential of what my novel could achieve. In my experience of working with thousands of people in the technical publishing industry, it’s rare to find people who can work competently with strategy, tactics and operations. The quantity of his ideas has helped me cross-check to see if I’ve correctly identified the underlying problems.

Adrian Cowderoy

Editors: Fiona Mitchell; Frances Merivale

I just wanted to let you know that as of this morning I’ve signed with Cara Lee Simpson at PFD and to thank you once again for your help with the book and for reaching out to agents on my behalf. The current version of the novel wouldn’t be what it is without the work of BPA and Fiona and Frances’ excellent notes.

Roxy Dunn

Editor: Frances Merivale

Frances’s comments are so galvanising. I really feel like I know how to tackle this next draft, thanks to her close read and clarity – a good feeling!

Anna Richmond

Editor: Iain Maloney

Iain’s mark up and report are incredibly helpful and have given me a very clear idea of the changes I need to make to get my manuscript ready for submission. It is exactly what I hoped for. As someone who always wanted to take a creative writing course but never had the time or money to do so, Iain’s report has in many ways felt like a crash course in writing and has given me specific tools and insights not only to fix this manuscript but to make me a better writer for when I start the next one.

Lucy Andia

Editor: Tess O’Hara

I’m amazed and deeply impressed by how well Tess understood the book, how clearly she identified its flaws, how incisive her criticisms and how valuable her suggestions were. I am also extremely happy that she could see the potential within the book, and I’m sure that the next draft is going to be much stronger as a result of her comments. I’m so very glad I commissioned this report.

Tony Arthur

Editor: Katya Balen

Katya has reviewed a number of manuscripts now and the service received is always consistently first rate. The critique from Katya is very constructive. Katya obviously has a wonderful knowledge of what works and what doesn’t and is able to suggest things that ultimately improve the story and for me that is the goal – getting the story to be the best it can be. I highly recommend the services of Katya but also that of BPA – a professional team and agency.


Editor: Oliver James

I couldn’t have asked for a better editor than Oliver, even if his profile photo is utterly terrifying. Whatever happens, the poor man and BPA are stuck with me for life now!

Gina de Ferrer

Having re-drafted various aspects of my first novel, I realised that it still needed more work. However, I was unsure what the priorities should be, and worse, I was beginning to lose faith in what I was doing. On a recommendation, I contacted Bluepencilagency for editorial help. Iain Maloney’s detailed report came through on time, with sections on various key topics such as Plot and Pacing, and was written in a highly supportive style without losing incisiveness. The summary at the end pulled together his main recommendations. I have read the material numerous times: it provided carefully-reasoned insights. Iain emphasised that the nature of editorial guidance is to identify weaknesses and give examples, but he also pointed to certain strengths in my work. As a result of his report, I feel not only more confident in tackling the re-draft, but re-energised and keen to begin the task.

Blue Pencil Agency London
Lewis RumsbyEditor: Iain Maloney

Lesley MacDowell reviewed several drafts of my work in progress. Her observations and criticisms were deft, intelligent, clear and entirely apt. They were (almost) a pleasure to receive. But above all, they enabled me to make the book significantly better, something I would not have achieved without her help.

Blue Pencil Agency London
Tom AllenEditor: Lesley McDowell