I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the recording of the session, which I just spent the morning working through. I found the ideas and insights valuable and Emma’s approach to narrative structure seems so simple but effective – not as prescriptive/restrictive as all those ’Save the Cat’ type templates, but a great way to stress test shifting plot ideas and first drafts. Looking forward to the next session.

Liz L

I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to attend the zoom workshop on The Art of Writing Award Winning Short Stories with a bursary place. I would also like to thank Susannah for the invaluable feedback she gave me regarding my short story writing. For many years, I have faced a lot of hostility from academic institutions for writing in the fantasy genre, so for the like of Susannah, an Oxford academic, to give me such positive feedback has been a brilliant boost of confidence to begin my journey in not only writing novels in the fantasy genre but short stories as well.

Mercedes G
I have been trying to get my novel completed for the last 5 years having started it 10 years ago. Despite re-writes and getting feedback etc I must have been over it more than 30 times. The seminar with Emma Darwin was outstanding. It’s the best event I have attended and made total sense! So many practical tips with a couple of exercises will now enable me to get the job finished.
The session was highly motivating and the method of editing and revision will make the job so much easier but also enjoyable.
Peter O-S

Thank you so much for Saturday. It was an inspiring day, especially the evening, and the timing was perfect for me as I get back into writing after my summer break. I felt very lucky to be in the company of so many talented writers, and I thought you did a fabulous job hosting the event, animating the session with Joanna, and of course the session after supper when we all pitched our ideas. Well done. I thought it was terrific.

Jon O
Thank you Emma, for a wonderful experience at the away day and overnight at your stunning home. It is always nice to spend time with writers, but especially like minded creatives out in the deep woods of writing their novels.
Both you and your husband were exquisite hosts, taking care of every need. The quality of teaching was exceptional.
Catherine B
Just a quick note to thank you so much for yesterday. It was wonderful to meet you and the workshop was fantastic! I very much enjoyed the exercises and meeting all the other attendees.
Natalie B

The quickest of notes to say ‘thank-you’ for a very enjoyable and very useful session last night.  I should also say it was great value for money!  I’ve emailed, said the same thing to Emma Darwin, but for you and BPA to initiate, organise, and host such an event is extraordinarily supportive for new writers.

Thanks again

Ian B

I’m really enjoying these and a great way to stay ‘connected’ with a writing community so thank you so much for keeping them coming! 

Mairi W

Thank you so much for organising “A Literary Marriage” with Jane and Claire this evening. It was fantastic – informative, inspiring and enjoyable. 

Matt J

Emma – thank you so much for arranging such an inspiring series of talks for the Online Writing Weekend.  They were all of such a high level and unlike a lot of courses, had a very commercial focus which is important to remind of why we are doing this!

Sarah W