Synopsis and Cover Letter Submission Package

Your submission package should contain: a letter, a synopsis and the first three chapters of your novel, up to 15,000 words. Most agents complain that letters are often full of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors, or that there is more information on the writer than on the novel itself. We will ensure your submission is perfect.

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Submission Details

To be fair to all writers we give accurate quotations for our editorial services based on the word count and amount of feedback required. Check with us if you are unsure what service you would benefit from.

Send us a one page synopsis, the first chapter and word count of your complete manuscript. Indicate what type of edit and report you are considering and we will get back to you with a quotation and timeframe. This will generally be in the region of three to five weeks but a faster turnaround time may be possible on request at an additional charge.

Once the fee and timeframe has been agreed we ask for payment in advance by bank transfer. Please note that work cannot start on your manuscript until payment has been received in full.

Your report and if applicable, a marked up copy of your manuscript will be sent by email. Follow up calls and one to one meetings may be arranged on request at an additional cost.

We retain the right to refuse manuscripts we consider to be of an insufficient standard or manuscripts that we do not wish to review for personal reasons.

Before commissioning a report please check our terms and conditions.

How to submit to literary agents?

What is a submission package review?

The editor edits the first three chapters, the synopsis and the submission letter.

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Please submit the following:
• a one page synopsis,
• the first chapter or first eight pages,
• a word count of your complete manuscript.
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Please Read Submissions Guidelines

• A one page synopsis

• The first chapter or first eight pages

• A cover letter