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Writing is rewriting. Writing a novel is the writer’s version of running a marathon and not for the faint-hearted. Novel writing is a layered process and most novels will need several drafts, so it’s easy to lose your way. Mentoring is basically hand holding, guiding you through the process starting with looking at your narrative step outline.

It isn’t just one person that writes a novel. There are several readers on the way to publication that change the shape of a novel and your editor is just one of them. With this service you will reap the rewards of working as a team. A mentoring service offers guidance from beginning to end, either from a published author or professional editor. This is when a literary marriage becomes serious. You will choose your editor and your editor will choose you. After meeting your editor, either in person or on Zoom, your editor will prepare a programme specifically to suit you. This is an intimate service designed to teach you literary technique and different ways to approach novel writing. Attention will be paid to your specific needs: this might be language, character, structure or story content or all of the above.

A follow up service to clients who want help with restructuring chapter-by-chapter. Provided by Skype/Zoom or in person over an extended period.

From £75 per hour

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a Writers Mentoring Programme work?

This is a bespoke service depending in the individual needs of each writer. A fee can be arranged over a year to include sixteen hours of mentoring one to one, which usually includes eight meetings in London or online skype sessions spread over eight months to a year.
The editor will read your work and offer detailed feedback to help shape and polish your novel. At the end, you will receive a reader’s report.

Can I do Online Mentoring?

We offer mentoring on line using Email, Skype or WhatsApp.

Can I choose my Editor for the Mentoring Programme?

It is important to choose your editor and meet them before you start your programme. All editors are available for a mentoring program, either the year’s program or hourly at £72.
Sara Sarre is £4500 for the year’s program or £75 per hour.

How much does Writers Mentoring cost?

The fee for this mentoring program is £4000. Alternatively mentoring can be offered on an hourly basis from £72 per hour.

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