Our Clients

  • Saskia Sarginson Author
    Saskia Sarginson
    Books: The Twins, Without You, The Other Me, The Stranger
    Sara brings a brilliant understanding of structure to every reading, cutting through to the heart of a novel, knowing what works and what doesn't. I learnt long ago to trust her judgment. She's a clever, imaginative editor and a sensitive, whole-hearted reader.
  • Mary Chamberlain Author
    Mary Chamberlain
    Book: The Dressmaker of Dachau
    Sara is a talented and insightful editor. Her analysis was spot on, and her advice and encouragement provided a much-needed boost. Sara is a highly professional and experienced editor – a life support to all writers and would-be writers.
  • Fiona Mitchell
    Book: The Maid’s Room
    An expert in sorting out plot and pace, Sara put her heart and soul into editing my book. She went well beyond the call of duty. Her insight helped me to turn my book into the very best it could be. The number one reason I am now a published author  is because of Sara's editorial talent.
  • J David Simons
    Books: The Credit Draper, An Exquisite Sense of What is Beautiful, A Woman of Integrity
    With a passion for quality writing Sara immerses herself heart and soul into bringing out the best in your manuscript. She possesses an excellent sense of structure and character, and doesn’t hold back from giving you tough but fair feedback.
  • Rob Higgs
    My reader's report identified the reasons why my manuscript has not yet received an offer from a literary agent. The constructive advice on writing technique has inspired me hugely and probably saved me years of fruitless struggle. This service is utterly invaluable and I really can't thank my editor enough. I would recommend bluepencilagency for any writer that's serious about being professional.
  • Vivian Graveson
    I was given a terrific editor who had a clear, keen eye for what works, and provided a report that was honest and encouraging. It made me rethink both the structure of my novel and the way it's narrated. I’m sure it's a considerably better novel as a result. I’m very grateful.
  • Guy Slater Author
    Guy Slater
    Bluepencilagency was heartily recommended to me by a novelist friend. My own novel was intractably long and over burdened and despite my many years of experience as a TV drama editor I was finding it hard to see the way through. The report was extensive, detailed, infuriatingly provocative and extremely helpful.
  • Jeremy Martin Author
    Jeremy Martin
    Sara has been a wonderful mentor to me.Working with her is like having a writing partner who also understands the publishing world. She is full of great creative ideas and does not pull any punches in her criticism. The work always improves after her input. 
  • Tim Robinson Author
    Tim Robinson, award winning TV producer/director
    Emma provided me with a very thorough, swift and perceptive report with an extraordinary amount of detail. I agreed with much of what she wrote at the time, but there were other comments that I dismissed but have been subsequently supported by a senior and very successful literary agent. If you’re serious about producing a book that is publishable, I believe that Emma could provide the kind of feedback you need, saving you time and from some of the painful ordeals of rejection.
  • Jayne Watson
    Emma’s comments were immensely encouraging and practical. I could feel her enthusiasm jumping out of the email. There's nothing a writer craves more than hearing from someone who has clearly enjoyed the experience of reading what you have written.
  • Kara White
    Emma has a strong and accurate instinct about what makes a story work. She communicates where the issues are in a very clear and constructive way that is both helpful and digestible. It’s not easy to hear criticism of your work, but Emma delivers it with such insight, enthusiasm and care, that it feels like you are working towards a joint goal to make your book the best it can be.
  • Iain Bain
    David mentored me on my first novel. I am very grateful for his advice and encouragement. I was impressed with the way in which he approached the work, offering comments and sharing his knowledge on both broad structural questions and matters of fine detail. David’s experience and understanding of the craft of writing, in areas such as character and tone for example, has been highly beneficial to me, and my own work has improved significantly with his help. Scottish Book Trust New Writers’ Award recipient 2016
  • Panayotis Cacoyannis
    Panayotis Cacoyannis
    BOOKS: The Dead of August, Bowl of Fruit
    From the skeleton of a confused first draft, Sara helped me extract the backbone of the story I had wanted to write. Then with her toughness as a reader and her insight as an editor she helped me flesh it out. It was to no small degree because Sara saw its promise that POLK, HARPER & WHO came to life.