Editor: Sara Sarre

When Sara Sarre sent me my report, I never expected it to be so incredibly detailed and helpful. I will be reading and rereading it until I have everything memorised and completely etched in my brain! It is going to be completely invaluable to me.  I have so much to learn and she has given…

Dom Schunker

Iain Maloney has reviewed two of my novels and both have been meticulous and hugely helpful. As a newbie writer, he has guided me and educated me in every aspect of writing a novel. Iain showed me why things work and don’t work, and what the industry expects from a story and its characters. He…

Ruby Speechley

Sara is a generous hard-working editor who has a strong instinct for story and structure. With all three of my novels, she reached a deep understanding of the characters and honed in on problems with laser precision. From the very beginning of working with her, she supported and encouraged me, which gave me a huge…

Panayotis Cacoyannis

Oliver’s great gift was to reveal to me all that habit, lack of distance and impatience were preventing me from seeing for myself, and beyond that to come up with simple but inspired suggestions that would never have occurred to me, but whose sharpness and perceptiveness seemed blindingly obvious once I’d had the time to…

Rachel Hubbard
Editor: David Simons

I contacted Bluepencilagency because I was unable to find an agent willing to represent me. David Simons was assigned as my editor and his report, completed promptly on time as promised, showed me why my story hasn’t received agent interest. I now understand which characters to develop and which scenes need expanding. From the annotations…

Triona Campbell
Editor: Sara Sarre

I poured my heart and soul into my debut Y/A manuscript Resistance and I knew after the first few rejections that something was off, something that as a new writer I didn’t have the experience to fix.  A really kind agent emailed to say I could write but that my package needed work and she suggested…

Elisabeth Sears
Editor: Oliver James

When I first met Oliver I thought I had a novel to discuss with him. I very soon found that what I thought was a novel was really a glorified memoir. In a few short sessions Oliver showed me how to structure a novel, how to plan in the round rather than tailing off in a…

Panayotis Cacoyannis

From the skeleton of a confused first draft, Sara helped me extract the backbone of the story I had wanted to write. Then with her toughness as a reader and her insight as an editor she helped me flesh it out. It was to no small degree because Sara saw its promise that POLK, HARPER & WHO came to life.

Jayne Swinton

Sara and I met on the Curtis Brown novel writing course in 2013.  Yes, it often takes that long to get an agent.  At the end of 2017 I finally got one – Rachel Mills at Furniss Lawton, which I attribute entirely to Sara and Emma. At our first session on that course all 14 of…

Tim Robinson

Emma provided me with a very thorough, swift and perceptive report with an extraordinary amount of detail. I agreed with much of what she wrote at the time, but there were other comments that I dismissed but have been subsequently supported by a senior and very successful literary agent. If you’re serious about producing a book…

Jeremy Martin
Editors: Sara Sarre & Oliver James

Sara has been a wonderful mentor to me.Working with her is like having a writing partner who also understands the publishing world. She is full of great creative ideas and does not pull any punches in her criticism. The work always improves after her input. Oliver is also an excellent editor. He combines the ability to…

Guy Slater

Bluepencilagency was heartily recommended to me by a novelist friend. My own novel was intractably long and over burdened and despite my many years of experience as a TV drama editor I was finding it hard to see the way through. The report was extensive, detailed, infuriatingly provocative and extremely helpful.

Rob Higgs

My reader’s report identified the reasons why my manuscript has not yet received an offer from a literary agent. The constructive advice on writing technique has inspired me hugely and probably saved me years of fruitless struggle. This service is utterly invaluable and I really can’t thank my editor enough. I would recommend bluepencilagency for any…

J David Simons

With a passion for quality writing Sara immerses herself heart and soul into bringing out the best in your manuscript. She possesses an excellent sense of structure and character, and doesn’t hold back from giving you tough but fair feedback.

Vivian Graveson

I was given a terrific editor who had a clear, keen eye for what works, and provided a report that was honest and encouraging. It made me rethink both the structure of my novel and the way it’s narrated. I’m sure it’s a considerably better novel as a result. I’m very grateful.

Fiona Mitchell

An expert in sorting out plot and pace, Sara put her heart and soul into editing my book. She went well beyond the call of duty. Her insight helped me to turn my book into the very best it could be. The number one reason I am now a published author  is because of Sara’s…

Mary Chamberlain

Sara is a talented and insightful editor. Her analysis was spot on, and her advice and encouragement provided a much-needed boost. Sara is a highly professional and experienced editor – a life support to all writers and would-be writers.

Saskia Sarginson

Sara brings a brilliant understanding of structure to every reading, cutting through to the heart of a novel, knowing what works and what doesn’t. I learnt long ago to trust her judgment. She’s a clever, imaginative editor and a sensitive, whole-hearted reader.