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Editorial Services

A blue pencil was traditionally used by editors to show corrections to manuscripts as blue didn’t show in most reproduction processes. In the digital world blue pencils are seen more rarely but they still exist as a metaphor for editing.

The idea of collaboration between editor and writer isn’t new. Once it was the job of agents and publishers to nurture new literary talent. But in today’s saturated market you need to arrive with a polished manuscript. An editor is your second pair of eyes. Our job is to encourage, persuade and problem solve. Working with us is making the leap from the fear of criticism to accepting support and establishing a clearer perspective of the market – understanding work as product, not just art.

Writing isn’t just being heard, it’s about forming a relationship with the reader and understanding who that reader is.

Why bluepencilagency?

Founded by editor and writer Sara Sarre with Emma Haynes joining us last year. We have a talented roster of editors that includes published authors and editors in publishing houses.

As well as having a clear understanding of the publishing world and what books sell, we know the power of a fresh voice and a good story. We communicate what needs to be changed or cut in a clear and constructive manner that is helpful and thoughtful.

We work closely with a number of literary agents and when appropriate are able to introduce novelists who are worthy of jumping to the top of the slush pile.

Transform your story from a personal piece of writing into a publishable novel