Eve White – BPA First Novel Award 2023 judge
Ludo Cinelli – BPA First Novel Award 2023 Judge

Q & A session with 2023 First Novel Award judges Eve White & Ludo Cinelli.

Lots of great advice and tips if you are considering submitting to our First Novel Award or indeed any competitions for debut novel writers.

Literary agents:

Eve White & Ludo Cinelli from Eve White Literary Agency


Tuesday March 28


6.00 – 7.30 pm BST


Zoom Platform


Ludo Cinelli BPA Events

Agent, Eve White Literary Agency

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Assistance to writers on low incomes and/or from communities under represented in publishing:

We are offer a number of free places on our agent Q & A sessions for UK based writers on low incomes and/or from under represented communities in publishing.

Writers may apply for a free place by contacting BPA with a short bio and a summary of their writing career to date.

Please click here to Contact BPA with your application and in the case of writers on low incomes, proof of financial eligibility such as: Jobseeker’s Allowance; Disability Benefit; Income Support; Working Tax Credit; Child Tax Credit; Proof of being a full-time student; Housing benefit; Proof of being a full-time carer.

All details will be kept confidential. Decisions on who receives the free places rest with the BPA team not the tutors.

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